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Frames Or Pop Ups?

One of the biggest dilemmas for tent buyers is whether to invest in a frame tent or a popup variety. Generally speaking, the bigger the tent you want, the more you should be looking for a framed product, but is it that simple?

Many of us remember camping with our parents in our youth, with mum and dad getting irritated trying to slot together steel poles. That’s still what most people think of when your refer to a frame tent. While the basic concept is still the same, many products no longer use steel, instead opting for much lighter, yet nearly as strong materials.

As a result, you can now get very large tents that are relatively easy to transport, especially if you learn to fold the material down into the smallest possible space to put away. That allows you to get a much bigger space for your family to enjoy during your camping trip, whereas a popup tent might offer much less space, and be just as hard to pack away.